Could I get away with it?

Surely is. Sounds like an awful GM, too.

Shuffles, kicks dust….

Some sort of smoked and cured pork product is good with many kinds of aged spirits. Prosciutto?

In the old days when I was playing RPGs instead of studying at the Australian National University, and had a wide circle of players, a trusted GM could say “I’m going to start a [game system] campaign on Thursday nights: generate characters to the following spec…”. Mind you, we got to be trusted by not pulling crap and dispensing put-downs in the way that Wick described in Play Dirty.

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I think there are rules for that sort of thing in some versions of Fate: a friend of mine tried to start a fantasy campaign that way, using Fate Accelerated.

That’s a fairly good way to do it. The characters would at least be able to relate to their immediate problems of survival, navigation and so on.

The worst bait-and-switch I’ve ever experienced never actually started. because it bogged down in character generation. The GM was using Hero System, on fairly low point totals, so some degree of role optimisation was necessary. But he wouldn’t tell us what kind of challenges to prepare for. He just kept claiming that the characters would be fine if they were versatile, but his idea of versatile seemed to be dabbling in a whole bunch of unconnected things.

The obvious solution is to use a game system that allows you to create as you go and HERO SYSTEM is the very last thing I’d use in that case.

At this instant I’m thinking of going for UNKNOWN ARMIES THIRD EDITION… Which allows me to give the characters core ‘identities’ but also allows me to swap them out for another reality…

Question in my mind at the moment is whether to use the UA default cosmology… Don’t worry: I’ve got a lot of dithering around to resolve yet.


I like the idea that the many worlds are the ones that existed before ours (so a world isn’t so much re-born as just born). Imagine that there are a vast number of world-husks out there. They keep going out of habit, but they become increasingly inconsistent and unreal as entropy takes hold.

Yes, that’s nice. In fact a ‘world husk’ would be a nice place for the players to wake up in.

Well, I say ‘nice’…

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Their Yelp ratings are less than stellar.

2/10 my friend turned into a purple spotted wombat, would not stay here again

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