Clans of Caledonia asynch on BGA Thread


Plays 1-4. I think it is a microturn game, meaning lots of little turns and possibly a long asynch.

Anyone want to play?


I can read up and get involved

I would be up to trying… even with microturns. I think BGA does seat players in order of timezones–at least it felt that way during my Beyond the Sun games… I will also need to read the rules first. But we can get a game started and I read up during my first turn. It can’t be that complicated.

If you’ve played Gaia Project or Terra Mystica a lot of it will feel familiar. I’ll boot it up tomorrow. Are your BGA handles the same as here? I’ll show up as ‘Murp’. Oh yeah; I’ve already got you Norm from Keyflower.


I am Yashimii on BGA


Yup, I’m the same everywhere I’m allowed

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Thanks, folks! I had fun and finally get to check this one off.

I like it. Not love, but a solid like and I’m going to hold onto my physical copy. Would be up for another.

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Agreed, don’t think I’d say no to a game of it but don’t need to own it

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Ps you can throw me in another Async

I’ll leave this here to see if anyone else wants a go. Maybe on Tuesday we’ll try again? (Monday’s a holiday here)

I would try again… how many people does this play?

Just 1-4
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Whenever we have enough!

@raged_norm @yashima

Up for a rematch? Anyone else?

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Why not, I’m in