Best in Consulting Detective Thames Murders case for family / non-gamers?

I want to introduce this game to my family today, and they’re newbies.
Hi folks,

Which case in the Thames collection would be the most satisfying for beginners?

And also, my daughter is 10. She’s smart enough to get the game, especially with adults working with her, but she doesn’t want anything too gruesome, or too much overt sexual content. She can cope with a murder or two, but nothing too violent.

Any suggestions hugely welcomed!


The first one “Munitions Magnate” is rated to be one of the easiest of not the easiest.

Alas, I cant remember if there’s anything inappropriate in that case for a 10 y.o. other than the murder itself (which you will read on the intro). I have doubts that SHCD is an 18+ game. I havent finished it yet

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There is an affair implied to be going on between the murder victim and the wife of an ambassador in the first case, which is the only one I have played so far. Really need to remedy that.

Considering the game is trying to replicate the style of the Sherlock Holmes stories, I don’t think you are going to have anything to worry about in the way of overt sexual content, as there wasn’t any in the Holmes stories.

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Thanks both. I’ve already played the first few on my own, so I’m up to The Lionised Lions. Unless anyone reckons that’s too tough for beginners (though I’ll be working with them), maybe I just go for that?

Don’t go for the Lionised Lions. We found it to be easily the worst case in the original box.

Edit: There’s another reason why it might not be a good introductory case. It’s one of those not-explicitly-a-spoiler-but-you-probably-don’t-want-to-hear-it-just-in-case-it-does-lessen-your-satisfaction-a-little-bit-but-trust-me-on-this types:

The big ‘A-ha!’ moment relies on recalling details from old newspapers - which your family won’t have read

I’d also warn away from that case, as a first play. It was easily the most frustrating one in that box for us.