Being mean in Cottage Garden?


I am considering getting Cottage Garden for my wife as a Christmas present (it is on sale right now). She really likes games which you play practically solo like NMBR9. So I wonder how much do you interfere with the other players’ gardens in this game because I think she would like the theme a lot but not if you disturb each other a lot or the game encourages you to do so.

Maybe someone can help me out :slight_smile:



There’s a bit of potential, but not much. There’s a shared market where the garden tiles are picked from, so you can grab something someone else was eye balling. The market is grid that you take turns picking out a piece from each column/row, so often you might not realise someone has taken a piece you might need in two or more turns time. Each player board is also non-identical, with a different distribution of flower pots and gloches, so you are unlikely to want different things at any given time.

Plus there’s little cat tokens. Nothing to do with your question, but they’re cool.


Thanks, that sounds good :slight_smile: Will order it!