Ars Magica PbP: Looking for players

As to be announced in the next IMPROVISED RADIO THEATRE WITH DICE I’m planning to start a Play By Post ARS MAGICA campaign.

I’ve run ARS MAGICA online before, a brief campaign set in Stonehenge at a revived covenant undergoing a ‘second spring’. Hardest thing I found was mastering the game system in the face of some players who were much more experienced than me. Hopefully the play-by-post format will help make that easier.

It should also allow me to run differing threads for the ‘current’ adventure, for lab work, for political discussions, for negotiations.

I am agnostic as to the focus (or focuses) of the game: I want to give the setting and the system a good workout so I’ll try to tailor things to the players’ various hopes and expectations.

The covenant will be an established Summer/Autumn which is need of recruiting new members: this is the pattern used for TRIAMORE and indeed that’s one of the locations I’m looking at running in, though some things in the Rhine Tribunal as currently published (the gilds for instance) are a bit much for me.

Stonehenge, using the outline in HEIRS OF MERLIN is another firm possibility.

I think that a maximum of five newly recruited PC mages is about as much as any covenant can reasonably stand. If I get more recruits than that I’ll consider running a second parallel game.

I’d like to be able to post daily to keep the momentum going: I know not everyone can do that even in the days of lockdown.

Please respond by completing the attached questionnaire and we will see where it goes. You can contact me via: Please put ARS MAGICA PbP in the subject line.


Previous Ars Magica experience:

How interested (points out of ten) are you in the following potential aspects of the game:

Becoming a more powerful magus:

Building powerful magical devices:

Hermetic Politics:

Mundane Politics and relations:

Games involving the Church (and therefore potentially the Infernal):

Investigative Games (Hermetic and Mundane Crime):

Games involving the Fae:

Games involving other worlds:

Games exploring remote parts of Mythic Europe:

Romance and True Love:



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Is there anywhere we can find information on Ars Magica?

Very high level:

(I’ve contacted Michael by email, and I intend that the game should have its own category if it’s run here.)

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This was really tempting, because I’ve been interested in AM for a long time, and I like the concept of troupe-style play. But I don’t think I can justify committing to this frequency of play; I’d rather not sign up than be at risk of not keeping up or participating regularly.

I feel very foolish that I didn’t include at least a link to the publisher’s website but just assumed that everyone would know.

Thank you Roger for the wiki link.

Here’s the link better late than never. I have four people interested already.

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And I have to note that between here and the ARS MAGICA forums I have five potential players and one reserve.

There will probably be more people showing an interest when the podcast goes out. If I get another five I’ll see if I can manage to run two covenants.

(Yes, yes, pure masochism! And arrogance!)