Anyone recognize this mini?

My cat was found playing with this mini but I can’t for the life of me think what game it might come from. Does this look familiar to anyone? I’ve tried a bunch of forums on Facebook, and so far no one knows.

I don’t have many games with minis, so I’m stumped. It doesn’t seem to be Inis or Vindication.



Something modern or SF from the outfit. My first guess would have been Zombicide because axe and mohawk… but player minis have colors. I don’t own a lot of minis games. I checked BGG sorted games with Components: Minis by rank but the first 20 or so don’t seem to fit.

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Thanks for pointing me to the list. 13 pages in and I still haven’t figured it out. I’m looking at games that would’ve been in my house at some time, plus games I played elsewhere and might’ve accidentally pocketed a mini (?!). Still nothing.

The only game I once had that might’ve had a character like this was Saltlands, and that had standees instead of character minis. Same with Vindication.

Where did the cat get it from?! I wish she would tell me!


Do you 3D print anything, or have received any 3D printed minis as a gift?

Do you track your collection and/or your plays of games?

No. And I don’t know anyone who does.

I got it. Your cat is an artist and took a larger mini and carved it into that. The cat’s got talent!


Looks kind of like a mini from Last Night on Earth, or one of the other similar games from Flying Frog, like A Touch of Evil or Fortune and Glory.


Yes. But not sure how this helps. I don’t have many games with minis and I’m pretty sure I’ve checked all the ones that do. I also don’t have any idea how long the cat has been playing with it. In 2020, I haven’t played any board games at home since before March.

OH OH OH! Ok, it’s none of those games because I don’t have any, have never played them, and don’t know anyone with copies.

BUT…after looking up the images on BGG, it triggered something.

I FOUND IT! It’s from Firefly Adventures: Brigands and Browncoats!

Thanks for your input, folks!


I preferred the cat story by @COMaestro, but hey, glad you found the source


I wish my cat was into 3D modeling. That might be useful!