Anyone interested in a John Company 2 online game?

So, I want to see how this plays, but I don’t know of any way to do it asynchronously, or whether it would even work asynchronously (I suspect not), and I don’t know how or when I might be able to play it on (shudder) Tabletop Simulator.

Still I might come into some free time at some point, or be able to wrangle a few hours on a weekend, so, is anyone interested in a TTS game at some point in the next few months?

Anytime between these hours, but settling on a day will be difficult:

12:00 AM8:00 AM

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I am definitely interested in trying this. I am at the latter 4 hours of your time window.
I am usually flexible but as this is my mornings I may have some appointment or other on weekdays.

edit: getting up at 6am is going to be… difficult but for a great purpose… I can possibly make it :relaxed: