Anyone for Root/Oath/Pax Pamir on TTS?

I find myself without the energy to run a PBF at the moment, but I think I can manage to host a TTS game. A Sunday afternoon (GMT +1) would be favourite, but I can also do some weekday evenings if everyone already knows the game or learns it beforehand. Bonus option of any time on the 29th of August, which is a public holiday in the UK.

Please let me know below if you’re interested, including which game you would like to play and when you are available to play it.

I’m looking for a maximum of 4 players, but I’m happy to organise more than one game if there’s more people who want to play.


No on 27th onwards but can do it on others


(I’m not in, but if you’d like to use my Jitsi server for voice and/or video chat you’re welcome - PM me.)

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