22 most anticipated board games of 2022


Nick Murray from Bite Wing Games knows my heart.

This is a great list for those who loves old school German games and high interaction heavy games.


Very cool to see Factory Funner getting a shiny new release. I’ve never played it but we have one of the later editions of Factory Fun, which is just completely mind-melty and most of the time is spent staring at your board and going “AARRGH!” It’s amazing how the pieces that come out seem to be the exact wrong orientation from what you need, so I’m sure the hexagons of Factory Funner will be that but more.


As Pumafia is by The Good Doctor is it on your purchase list? I’d be keen to try that one.


There’s some good stuff on the list. Ra still is the biggie for me.

Ahoy" as a “more approachable Root” definitely appeals to the part of me that’s considered buying it multiple times but continuously decided I’d likely hardly get it to the table.

Conversely, Crescent Moon looks very appealing, but 3 hours and only plays 4-5? It’s a hard sell.

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Already mentioned before that I am looking forward to the new release of Ra. Also after SU&SD’s review, Caesar! is definitely appealing as well. Soda Smugglers gives me Sheriff of Nottingham vibes, but the silly theme and artwork tempts me to get it as a gift for my brother-in-law, though he’s not a big board gamer.

Yes. I have backed the Criminal Caper series on KS. So I can bring it along when it arrives

That’s a lot of games for me to resist!

  • For me the new addition to my interest list is Trailblazers as I was not able to play Pipeline or Curious Cargo and the spatial puzzle is what interests me. So… that one.

  • I think Caesar. Despite knowing my partner will hate it. My Spirit Island loving gaming friend would enjoy this one I think. (not that this wasn’t on my radar before)

  • German preorders for John Company still haven’t opened. I am getting nervous.

  • the expansion for Beyond the Sun is also an obvious preorder as soon as it is possible to preorder.

  • Ghosts of Christmas, Bear Raid and Factory Funner should be arriving sometime soon… I backed the Kickstarter they were in.

  • trying to sell my current edition of Ra so I can get the new one when it appears.