2021 10x10 Style Challenges

Most of my favourite games seem to play best with 3 or 4 players and we currently mostly play with 2. Hopefully in person gaming will resume at some point.

With that in mind I won’t be doing a 10x10 for 2021, more like a 30+x3+!

Race for the Galaxy/ San Juan
Imperial Assault
Terra Mystica
Terraforming Mars
Great Western Trail
Voyages of Marco Polo
Puerto Rico
Brass Birmingham
Pitch Car
The Resistance
Hansa Teutonica (assuming it enters the country)
Eclipse (just once would do!)
Feast for Odin
El Grande
Yellow and Yangtze
Castles of Burgundy
Age of Steam
Through The Desert


I’m a sucker for lists. There is no way I will actually play all of these, but:

Armada/Legion/Infinity = 0
Imperial Assault/Journeys in Middle-Earth/Blackstone Fortress = 0
Twilight Imperium 4/Eclipse 2nd Dawn/Star Trek Ascendancy = 0
Forgotten Waters/Stuffed Fables = 0
Xia/Outer Rim = 0
Level 7 Omega Protocol/Defiance = 0
Galaxy Trucker/Space Alert = 0
War of Whispers/Dune = 0
GKR Heavy Hitters/Battletech = 0
War of the Ring/Sekigahara/Space Hulk = 0

I’d also like to keep a running tally of all the games I own but haven’t played yet… since I would like to get them played. The current list of 13 is:
Android, 51st State, New Salem, Shadespire, Vindication, Lisboa, The Undercity, Crusaders Thy Will Be Done, Andrenaline, Anomaly, Defiance, Wildlands, and Stuffed Fables


Here’s my “play before buying any new games” list. I’ll let you decide whether you think I’ll manage it :wink::

  • Coup: reformation
  • A fistful of meeples
  • Food Chain Magnate: the ketchup mechanism
  • Gaia project
  • Ghost stories
  • Ghost stories: white moon
  • Good cop bad cop
  • Imhotep
  • Import/export
  • Kingdomino Duel
  • Kodama: the tree spirits
  • Mr face
  • Oath: chronicles of empire and exile
  • On the origin of species
  • Pipeline
  • Railroad Ink Challenge: yellow
  • Railroad Ink Challenge: green
  • Railroad Ink: blue
  • Railroad Ink: red
  • Samurai spirit
  • Shasn
  • Tiny Towns: fortune
  • Town builder: Coevorden
  • Twins
  • Welcome to Dino world
  • Wibbell ++
  • Yokohama

It’s my first time trying a 10x10 so we’ll have to see how this one goes, but I think the games will be a balance that should be do able for me. I’m excited to try. I’m trying to really dig deeper on games that I really enjoy.
so here’s what I’m playing

  • Arkham Horror: The Card Game
  • Champions of Midgard
  • Clank!
  • Dominion
  • Ethnos
  • Gloomhaven
  • Res Arcana
  • Star Wars: Imperial Assault
  • The Taverns of Teifenthal
  • War Chest

Wish me luck!


In the spirit of this flexible 10x10 style challenge, I’m going for a combination of ten plays to get to know games in more depth, three plays to get the feel of some new games (*) and a few in between. Learning from 2020, not much can’t be played by two players in lockdown.

Like @Marx, will also keep track of the secondary goal of reducing owned unplayed games . Hopefully it’s not too much of a moving target…

Game Target Notes
Android: Netrunner 10 20 plays of this in 2020, but there remains much to learn
The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine* 10 Looks like good fun
Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion* 10 Not sure I’ll ever find time for the original, but this seems a little less daunting
KeyForge 10 79 plays in and still feeling the Call of Discovery
Summoner Wars* 10 Been keen to try this since hearing Christy’s review on The Five By
London Second Edition* 5 Have to give this a go after all the positive comments on this forum
Lovelace & Babbage 5 Played this for the first time recently and loved it
Mystery Rummy 5 Three flavours: Capone, Ripper and Rue Morgue
Wingspan 5 Can’t go wrong with birds and pretty components
Alchemists* 3 As per London Second Edition
Architects of the West Kingdom 3 Great graphics, great design, can be done and dusted before bedtime
Azul* 3 In the queue for years, must be near the front by now
Chronicles of Crime* 3 Haven’t solved any crimes on a board since Scotland Yard (1983)
Citadels 3 As per Lovelace & Babbage
Flamme Rouge* 3 As per London Second Edition
Masque of the Red Death* 3 Hoping for more success getting in 3+ people together this year
Myrmes 3 First played this just before New Year’s, need to get those ants optimised
Steampunk Rally* 3 Must play this birthday present from three years ago
X-Wing Miniatures: The Force Awakens* 3 An outstanding item from Wil’s Tabletop list
Games owned but not yet played 59 Play more games!

:sparkler: Thanks for starting us off @Captbnut, good luck @Marx, @Whistle_Pig and @MitchtheDM! :sparkler:


I know I’m going to give myself some kind of gaming challenge this year, I just need to figure it out. As I said in the Gaming Goals thread, it’ll likely be a 20 x 5 or something similar.


Okay, I got it. My challenge will be a 18 x 5 with an additional 10 x 1 to get to 100 plays. I am hoping to use the x1 for games that are lengthy or completely new to us, especially ones which have sat for more than a year. There are a number of unplayed ones in the x5 category as well, but ones which look less complex to explain, or I can solo.


Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion
Imperial Assault
Arkham Horror the card game
War of Whispers
Galaxy Trucker
Castles of Mad King Ludwig
Lords of Vegas (w/Up expansion)
Space Hulk: Death Angel
The Bloody Inn
Legendary: Marvel
Pandemic Legacy: Season 1
Marvel Champions


El Grande
Dungeon Petz
Pandemic: Rising Tide
Looney Quest
Five Tribes
Hansa Teutonica

This will be an incredible challenge still, but I hope with a number of x1 goals, and a more conservative x5 for other games, that I will be able to achieve more plays on my challenge than previous years.